About Us


With our roasting experience going back to 2015 and the excitement continually growing, it was time to take on a direction of our own.  Full Keel Coffee is a family-run roastery, created to celebrate our passion for making and sharing great coffee.  Our mission drives us to source our beans as ethically as possible (most being Fair Trade Organic) as well as continue to support our own community and those where our coffee is grown. We had our first production roast in May of 2022, and have been steadily growing a Full Keel Community of coffee lovers ever since.  

Coffee is limitless, and that is where our excitement stems from.  Beans from dozens of countries around the world, all different types of plant varietals, processed in many different and new ways; and that's just the beginning.  We strive to roast these beans to their own potential, and then blend them carefully to let them accentuate and add even more depth to each other.  This is just one of the ways we geek out on coffee.  But it's this passion that drives us.  And this is why we have to roast coffee; coffee we're excited to share.

We gather our inspiration for the Full Keel brand from the spirit of adventure and from the shores and waters of Lake Superior.  The romance of the "sea" is strong here, always in our thoughts.  It invokes dreams of far-off shores; adventures in places new as well as near.  Fresh air and a sea breeze, eyes scanning the horizons.  So come along with us as we set sail on this journey; we hope you'll be enjoying a cup soon.